Thursday, 27 October 2011

Null Space

This piece - titled "Null Space" - leaves large spaces between some of the glass elements, creating the effect as the space between galaxies, or maybe a "black hole"?

You need a very stable substrate for this technique, or the large expanse of grout will tend to crack. I have used the "Marmox" board for this piece, as it has less tendency to warp than anything else that I'm aware of.

This detail illustrates the space between galaxies; you feel you want to stare into the void and lose yourself!
Of course I've used my trusty Ring Saw to cut the "galaxies".


I've been working on creating more 3D pieces, and this is the latest. It's a bit difficult to see in the photo (it's virtually impossible to properly capture glass art in a photo) but the bright fish is 3D.

This photo hopefully shows the 3D effect a bit better:

The shapes are cut from polyurethane foam (a hot - wire cutter is very handy here) and adhered to the substrate, covered with fibre glass mesh and render cement.

Then the design is applied as normal, although if there are any steep slopes you need to use a fast - setting adhesive or tile adhesive.
And, because the 3D fish is so inconspicuous, the piece is named...........