Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Another New Line

I'm currently working on a new design which will be able to be hung indoors/outdoors to catch the light.

It's a glass - on - glass technique which means the coloured mosaic glass is adhered to a piece of plain glass. There will be a hole drilled in it so a hook can pass through and be hung wherever you like!

Shapes will vary, but will generally be "organic" and it won't be larger than about 30cm high.

I'll be selling them through the Galleries (and possibly Etsy http://www.etsy.com/) but they'll also be a good line to take to the Portside market.

Photos to come when ready!


Saturday, 23 April 2011

New Mirror Design

I'm currently working on a new design in the "Mirror Mirror" range. It's likely to be a one - off because I'm using small round mirrors which I've had for a while just waiting for the right inspiration!

Hope everyone's having a lovely Easter and remember chocolate is good for you and makes you lose weight!

I'm at Seaview Gallery tomorrow (25/04/2011) and will do some measuring so Mark can make some more plinths which we need to complete the renovation of the Gallery.

Cheers, Glenys.

Monday, 18 April 2011

First Blog Today

First Blog Today
A huge thanks to Les Fawkes from The Hinterland Grapevine, and also Maleny Paint Place, for setting up our website http://thefentimanfamily.com/index.html! He's been fantastic and I would highly recommend anyone wanting a website to contact him on TheGrapevine@westnet.com.au.

This is our first blog entry, and we'll try to keep it updated with news and photos from the wonderful world of Glenmark Glass Design!

Mark and I spent a couple of fun days last week participating in the renovation of Seaview Gallery at Moffat Beach. It had fresh paint, some cabinetry work and carpet for the first time. Now the Gallery looks like it belongs in the 21st. Century!

Several new and extremely talented artists have also joined, so have a look if you can (4 Seaview Terrace, Moffat Beach, Caloundra, Qld.). One of the new artists - Rich - has some amazing digitally-enhanced photos, and being the techhead guy that he is, he's in the process of making a website for Seaview. That'll be something to see!

On Sunday the 10th. April we did our first market stall at the Portside Boutique Markets in Hamilton, Brisbane. This was a great day - met some terrific people and even sold some stuff! We'll be back there on 22nd. May and we aim to go there once a month. Find out more about this very interesting market at http://www.boutiquemarkets.com.au/