Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Petal Essence

Another new series! There's a lot more work in this than you might think - making the petals is quite time - consuming and also uses a fair bit of glass.
I think the result is worth it!

900mm x 600mm
Yes I know this mirror is sideways, but it's to illustrate that a lot of my mirrors can be hung either vertically or horizontally.
I can imagine this mirror at a wedding venue - the bride giving herself a final check before she walks down the aisle. It'd make a great photo to see her reflected in here, the white lacy design and the petals complimenting her dress!

A close-up of the mirror. You can see the iridising on the border and the swirls. Looks spectacular in the flesh.

                                                         Looks effective on a Lazy Susan too.

900mm x 600mm
Similar design to the white mirror, it can also be hung either way. The black grout accentuates the design I think.

                                                                600mm x 600mm

And now for something (not) completely different:

                                                               600mm x 600mm
Despite my best efforts this photo refuses to download in the upright position. Computers can be such jolly good fun sometimes.
Anyhow, using the bluish coloured glass of many hues puts a new slant on the design!

Detail of the above:


I know you're all breathlessly awaiting my next post, so hang in there (pun)!