Friday, 21 March 2014

Back to the Future

I've gone all retro (for me) with this new range of Birds. I started my Glass Art career making Copperfoil pieces, and I've revisited that technique with the Birds:

I've always enjoyed decorative Soldering, and making these Birds gives me the chance to use it lots!
These Cranes look beautiful as a matched pair.

The bases are nice and heavy so the pieces are very stable.

Well not really, but these can be hung outside to gently rotate in the sun and breeze - look fantastic!
Three -  Dimensional Pieces:

Two - Dimensional Pieces:

This Lorikeet hangs from its tail but the photo wouldn't rotate when I uploaded it!


Larger Lazy Susans

I've had a request for a larger version of my Lazy Susans, which are normally 500mm in diameter.

This one is 600mm in diameter, which doesn't sound like a big increase but is actually 40% larger in area:

The bearing is larger too - I use a 12 inch bearing rather than the standard 9 inch one.

We sold the larger one to a Scrabble aficionado who places the board on it! Brilliant!