Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Smashing Idea

OK, so you take a full sheet of tempered glass, hit it with a hammer (under strictly controlled conditions and very safely) and firstly you get a central area of intensely cracked glass as used on the Lazy Susan.

The rest of the sheet cracks in many fascinating ways and can be used any way you can think of, as in the Dragonfly.

As far as how to keep it all together and getting the colours into it, I could tell you but then I'll have to kill you.........

Might offer a class on it one day!

Having a Smashing Time

Check out these photos - I'll tell you a bit more about them soon........

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan Detail


Dragonfly Detail

Monday, 16 April 2012

Thanks David & Barbara!

We spent a very enjoyable day at David & Barbara Humphreys' house last Sunday (15th.) attending David's Glass Cutting Class. I learned some new things and I've been cutting glass for over 20 years!

It was lovely to meet everyone (thanks Carol, Tammy and Loren for being my first three Blog followers!), the food was epic and that night we had a lovely Thai meal with David, Barb, and Tammy - thanks David for treating us!!. We stayed overnight at David and Barb's place (5 - star) to just cap the great time we had.

MAANZ is the best Association in the known universe!!