Thursday, 26 July 2012


My Glass Girls Series has just grown by two. They're twins - one is stained glass mosaic, the other is Glass-on-Glass. I call them Sandy and Shelley.
GOG Sandy

The GOG technique is a jealously guarded one that has been handed down through hundreds of generations of a mystical Nepalese tribe and only available to outsiders who complete a rigorous training regime lasting at least fifteen years.

Or you can use Mac Glue.

Sandy being a shadow of herself. You can see the texture of the background glass in the shadow.

                                                        This highlights her golden tresses!

                                                                      Beach Babe!

                                                                And here's Shelley:

                 Her swimsuit is mirrored glass and she's chosen a glass bead necklace to accessorise.
                                                            And those sunnies!

What girl wouldn't want a Millefiori handbag?

                                                             With matching shoes!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Queensland Garden Expo

We've decided to start attending "Event" markets rather than a weekly one, so for our first one we set up a display at the Queensland Garden Expo last weekend (6/7/8 July) at the Nambour Showgrounds. The Expo is the biggest garden/outdoor show in Queensland and we wanted to promote the business, our classes and hopefully sell some pieces.

Overall it was very successful. We talked and gave brochures to hundreds of people who would never otherwise have seen our work, and sold several pieces as well. The highlights for us of course were seeing all our friends who came to visit and to catch up with people we hadn't seen for ages! Hi to you all and thank you so much for making the 3 days even more fun!

It's a great Expo, and although we didn't get a chance to see it all, we did manage to sample a few of the culinary delights on offer..........mmmmm donuts........ It was also really nice to meet the stallholders on either side of us - Hi Lisa and Lee! If we do the Expo again next year I hope we get you both as neighbours again!

The weather was generally fine, but as a thank - you to all the stallholders the heavens opened right on closing time of the last day, causing great merriment to everyone as they packed up their newly soaked displays.

Some photos:

As you can see, there were times the stall was so busy Mark got squeezed out like a watermelon pip!