Saturday, 17 November 2012

Art Deco Style

I've been wanting to do something Frank Lloyd Wright - ish for a while, so I've made a couple of mirrors in Art Deco style. They're all 900mm x 600mm on the water resistant substrate, so you could display them outdoors.

Again they're impossible to photograph adequately, so I took them inside, put them on a stool, and used the ceiling as background.

Hers's an outdoor photo:

                                               The reflections are confusing to say the least!

Here's the same piece with the ceiling as background:

                                  Looks a bit flat and lifeless, but at least you can see the design.

Anyhow, here's another mirror - the rounded geometry caused me some headaches but the end result is pretty good I reckon:

And lucky last in this series:

You can see tantalizing hints of the different highlights and reflectivity even in these crappy photos. Just have to see them in the flesh at the galleries (or at home after you've bought one!)