Monday, 16 September 2013

MAANZ Symposium

Well we've been back home in Qld for a couple of weeks after driving to and from the Melbourne Symposium.

The car was packed to the gills on the way down with stock and then with shopping on the way home.  We did our bit for the economy.

Our first time as vendors was scary, enlightening and satisfying.  It was wonderful to meet and learn from the other vendors.  They gave us some great advice and encouragement.

I missed a lot of speakers while busy with our stall but the few I say were very interesting, especially Carol Shelkin whose talk about being an artist was very uplifting and positive.

The exhibition at Bundoora was outstanding quality.  There is never enough time to appreciate each piece fully but I was overwhelmed by the quality of the conception and execution of the pieces. 

Congratulation to all the worthy winners.

As a first attempt our stall was very successful as a platform to launch my new book and the products described within.

I was surprised how quickly some products sold out.

The Inka Gold importer has also sold out of this wonderful new product.  The next shipment is expected about the 9th Oct and there are lots of new colours too!

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